tethered to fear folding limbs like mimosa leaves a prayer, a plea. thoughts on a leash exorcised dreams pinned to the ground biting dust with spines coiled like cowering millipedes. Awaiting. to unfurl or be squashed. Unfurl Advertisements


She a virgin immaculate and pristine. He a philanderer filled with flair and conceit. met courted touched strokes and caresses letters of love ‘nib’bled kisses a mistake an error jilted. She tries in vain to erase to wipe-out his trace But lies torn apart crushed and crumpled with a gored heart.  


yet again at His door For the Lord so loved me He takes me in . Into His sanctum I unfold the stains the wage of my deeds, on the vulnerable cuff the spineless collar. He sprinkles the Holy water purging, cleansing me. Returned into the willy-nilly world Born again spotless and pristine a whiff […]


sometimes i want to roll myself into a spiny ball tucking my face, feet and belly sprouting prickly quills like sticking out my middle finger   or pull myself apart have a makeover like earth shifting tectonic plates gulping mountains like ice cream cones and look different atleast drop my tail and regrow or change […]

Liebster Award 2017

Hello I just recently got nominated for the Liebster Award Thank you Bisma , A thought process , for this recognition. I am intrigued by your thought process that made you include me in this list. And yeah I am sorry Bisma I ‘ve taken too long to respond….for several reasons …1. being me the […]