Its a ritual that i most look forward to every day. A ritual that leaves me refreshed, repaired and recuperated. Its the bath i take every morning …soaking myself in the water tub….. naked… sans clothes and concealers . Alone, unarmed , i allow the water to search , slide, sneak and peek all crevices , nook and cranny . It soothes and coaxes me gently  to confide in it. And I silently converse with the gushing , rumbling water spilling my secrets confessing to my trustworthy, non-judgemental confidante. It embraces me drowning my tears and wiping my sorrow offering momentary comfort .I love the hot water scorching my skin…may be I hope  the scalding water will burn the ore and leave me pure purging my sins…or may be I believe those stubborn dirty thoughts of mine will dissolve, drown and die……or just  maybe because my clogged mind,  untangled laxes a little….. flowing freely touching tranquility. Above all , could my longing for the ritual be ……because i seek the fetal-me , yearning to return to the watery womb. And do I see this bath , this ritual as the  closest possible return to that bliss…..that long lost innocence and ignorance that I seek to regain?

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