They come in all different shapes and sizes. Snacks , one look …even a thought of it makes my taste buds tingle with yearning. I am a Casanova when it comes to eating snacks . I love all kinds …the sweet ones , the hot ones, the healthy ones , the unhealthy ones…all.
When i was young and single, i flirted with snacks of all kinds. I loved the crispy chips, the silky chocolates, the mouthwatering desserts and what not. My never-ending flings with all these kinds of snacks had no effect on me at all. I continued to remain slim and fit. But now I am married and a mother of two. Things are sadly not the same anymore. Whatever i ate refused to leave me and stayed  around my waist and thighs. Taunted by my mirror and betrayed by my old jeans and tees,  like all i too decided to lose my flab and get back into shape . I knew it meant a long term commitment to a diet regime. So i took my dietary vows and decided to stay loyal and committed.
The honeymoon days of my dieting were immensely satisfying. I loved my healthy diet and felt like it was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I could see the results on the weight scale and my waist too. i felt pumped up for a while . but as days passed…an emptiness crept inside me. I longed for more. My chaste eyes, tongue started to rove.I secretly ogled at the snacks and sweets at the roadside shops. I could feel my tongue grow wet with longing. I was besieged. I was besotted.
I found myself irresistibly lured by the seductive snacks and savories. They seemed to tease me .The tentacles of temptation possessed me and began whispering into my ears persuading my mind for a harmless fling. I told myself a small bite ….one small bite will not make a difference. One bite, just once and i can go back to my diet and stick to my vows. No harm done. But one lead to another and before i knew i was swallowing chip after chip …. having too many chips and soon the whole packet. The act done …my passion spent and senses satiated … my heart gnawed with guilt.I resolved , firmly not to indulge in infidelity again. I promised to stay loyal to my diet and give up on those unhealthy snacks and junk food.However this promise too was soon to be broken. I always yielded to temptations and always ended up promising again.

But now after many a cheat days , flings and empty promises i have realized I am forever stuck in between. I can neither be fully loyal to my diet and possess svelte figure nor enjoy the snacks and savories without guilt itching me.Hogging , dieting , hogging , dieting …..there seems to be no salvation for me and my soul seems to be eternally trapped in this world of desires and delicacies yet seeking that heavenly svelte body. Maybe I can never liberate myself from this karmic cycle. Maybe i should just live the moment ….not deprive, not overindulge not even overthink ….just take a bite from my packet of chips…just one bite at a time!




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