There it stood…. towering webs of steel twirling into loops. Innumerable bolts and screws holding together man’s freaky imagination. ….. Like an enormous whirlpool it pulled people towards it promising to drown them in a medley of fear, thrill, joy, excitement. Myriad sensations… all juxtaposed together. Crowds swarmed towards it. So, did my friends and me, a bunch of teens trying to have some fun at an amusement park. Honestly, when one amongst us suggested a ride on that giant roller coaster, I was petrified. But denying implicitly amounted to admitting I was a chicken and I dreaded becoming a butt of endless ridicule to my friends. As we neared the train my mind was bogged with fear yet I heard my tongue boast of the other rides, I falsely claimed to have been. On climbing into the seat  panic crept into my veins , tremors rushed through my blood , together they tented in my heart.  I grinned sheepishly at those around desperate to camouflage my fear. I wondered if they could read my thoughts, see the fear racing through my mind, or hear the pounding of my heart. I could feel my palms moisten …my stomach churn. For a fleeting moment, I thought if I should climb out ..leave but I discovered my fear of losing face, so great and the anticipation of what lies ahead too compelling. Slowly the train jerked and egged forward.  As it gained momentum a million shrieks pierced my ears ..and maybe I was screaming too. Chugging forward, I whizzed past, with coughed up eyes almost certain of my impending fall. I clenched my teeth, shut my eyes and willed myself to believe that it was just a nightmare and I would wake up from it at any moment. Suddenly the train slowed down, inched its way up to the very top and hung there at the peak , suspended for a moment as if asking us to make our death wish. . Each thumping heartbeat foreboded a soon to approach death knell.  A spine chilling silence swallowed the train as the riders prepared for the stomach-turning descent. The next few moments was filled with ups and downs , twists and turns , steep ascents and descents.

And before I knew it, the ride came to a sudden halt, the adventure was over, leaving my head spinning in a way I had never imagined. I stepped down relieved…. my heart swelling with pride , for having conquered my fear, for having taken the plunge. Relieved, I climbed out of my seat, legs shaking, chuckling to myself, strangely seeking to relive the roller coaster ride again.


6 thoughts on “RELIEVED

      1. You write far better than me, I am more a poet/photographer .. my writing is very basic so I can’t really help … just know what i like 🙂


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