Still waters run deep…idle brains delve deeper…Familiarity breeds not just contempt but also boredom. Boredom impels one to loiter from the known and lures them to seek the unknown. Thus, sheer ennui and lassitude can be a stimulus for change, compelling one to churn better ideas and seek other alternatives. Mankind’s notable achievements are often born out of the dread of boredom. We know not what boredom emaciated life drove the great voyagers like Magellan and Vasco da gama to sail to distant shores instead of the warmth of their humble hearth. Surely it’s not merely the greed for riches; it is more persistently their hunger to break the shackles of boredom that overcame even the risks it accompanies and engendered the greed and lust for the unknown.

Boredom frequently slighted and often condescendingly looked upon is the womb of curiosity. it’s a mind numbed by boredom and nudged by curiosity that led Newton to wonder at the apple that fell on his head. a pragmatic soul would have savored the russet tainted crispy fruit not pondering over its origin.

Acute boredom is also the seed of innovation. One may argue Shakespeare flouted the tennets of Petrarchan sonnet and Aristotelian school of drama in his desperate attempt to revamp the looming monotony that prevailed the poetry and drama of his times.

Every age, every domain, every individual has been a victim of ennui. An ennui plagued psyche overlooks the present, its mundane chores and worries itself with things often unattended to. The accepted norms, customs, traditions and rituals bore the mind. Wallowing in the labyrinths of this bored mind, the idle brain sets itself on a mission to peel layer after layer, thought after thought, query after query till these rudderless ruminations uproot upheld beliefs paving way for the New.

Hence the ways of men part: the vigilant mind that reposes its faith in the world around and comely follows its institutions and traditions with unflinching belief; and the idle mind that is bored of the world around and naggingly questions the founding institutions and traditions of humanity with curiosity. An idle brain …delves deeper, courts change, seeks truth…..An idle brain  inquires.






3 thoughts on “THE BEGINNING

  1. That was very profound and it made me think about a bored writer staring at a blank screen which is always part of the process that creates curiosity and inspiration necessary for waking up an idle brain.


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